Great Lakes Captain hat

High bid
4 years 23 weeks ago

This is a generic Merchant Mariner Captains hat. It has the bullion embroidered wreath surrounding the brass anchor, and on the brim, leaves or scrambled eggs as the navy calls it. This was acquired years ago second hand from a gentleman who said he purchased it from a former captain of the Sparrows Point of Bethlehem Steel Corp when the vessel was laying up back in the early 70s. When I bought it it was decades later and the old guy didnt remember the name of the captain he got it from, so this story is purely hearsay and cannot be proven. So it is simply being marketed as a generic captains hat from a former sailor. The hat is in overall good shape, the inner sweat guard has disconnected from the inner band on one end but still sits inside. The white could use a good cleaning to make it crisp and clean again, though I always thought it detracted from the story if I cleaned it up. There are no tears, no holes, no damage of any kind. The hat at one time had a chinstrap that sat beneath the cap badge, but over the years it became brittle and crumbled to the touch so I had to dispose of it. It was a simple black leather strap that if desired should be able to be located and replaced.