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The End of the Canadian Steamship.
- May 17, 2015

As winter’s strangle hold on the Great Lakes ends, the many ships sailing on them start to leave layup, including the...
Efforts Halted
- July 7, 2014

JB Ford's time coming to an end...
The historic Great Lakes Steamship J.B. Ford


110 Years
December 12, 2013
It was 110 years ago today, at noon Eastern time, that Miss Alia E. Hawgood christened the new steamer Edwin F. Holmes, and the 440-foot hull of what is now the J.B. Ford slid sideways into the waters of the Black River in Lorain, Ohio,...

Help Us to Save a Classic Great Lakes Steamship

The Great Lakes Steamship Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the 1904-vintage Great Lakes steamship J.B. Ford. In a career that lasted over a century, this grand old lady of the Lakes carried the goods that fed the industrial might of our nation, hauled the raw materials that helped to win two world wars, and survived some of the Great Lakes’ worst storms, including the infamous “White Hurricane” of 1913. Please support us in our efforts to save this historic ship.